Your heavenly Father is speaking to you, can you hear Him? He calls out to you in the midst of the loudest storms and in the quiet moments of stillness. He's calling to His children, with even a still, small voice, to align with His will and come into relationship with Him as our Father. None of this, we know, would be possible without Jesus, His son. So many of us have not cashed in on the promises of God that we have access to because of the sacrifice of Jesus. This is not a prosperity gospel, but a gospel of hope. Jesus' sacrifice brings us into alignment with God's will, allowing us access to the voice of the Father and empowering us to live without the entanglement of sin through the work of the Holy Spirit. Yet, so many of us have blocked out that still, small voice, His voice, that beckons us into a deeper relationship with the Father. This album is inspired by the voice of my Father, your Father, who quietly called to me in the quiet moments for years until I finally relented, and began to walk in my destiny as His child and as a messenger of His words to His children. These songs were inspired by God's words for specific people, yet their messages were designed to reach out to all of us in various walks of life - the broken one, the running one, the hesitant one, the wounded one, the hopeless one, and the desperate one. God loves you, He's pursuing you, He'll do what's best for you, and He'll provide everything for you that man cannot, which is everlasting love and relationship. All we do in response is say yes - to Jesus, to a life of obedience and holiness, and to an everlasting promise of being heirs of the eternal Kingdom. You are not alone, you are loved, and you are wanted by the only One who matters. Don't give up - just listen for His voice.


A Note from the Artist-Samatha Miller: Special thanks to my family and the leadership and congregation of All Peoples Church for their constant love and encouragement; to Josh Fontaine, Nancy Clark, and Kim Maas for being obedient in delivering the Word of the Lord to me and making sure I was obedient in walking it out; to my husband, who is my partner in all walks of life, for b