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a community, a covering,
a family!

We are anticipating a revival that births reverence for the Lord and the Holy Spirit's Power!

Therefore, we offer our lives as evidence that God uses the unqualified when we are willing to take risks. Our strengths grow through community and sound theology, and we are eager to call out to those who feel ill-equipped and hungry for more of God: saying, "come home." To those who are sick, we will offer you direction to the Healer. To those skeptical, we will offer our testimonies and the lives of the Spirit's transformative work. Come and see all that God is doing, and receive what you need to be all you can be in the Lord.  

  • Where is All Peoples Ministries located?
    All Peoples Ministries is located in the hill city of Lynchburg, Virginia.
  • What is your purpose?
    Our purpose and is to equip believers so that they may fulfill God's plan and purpose for their lives.
  • How do I get connected with All Peoples Ministries?
    Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about our ministry; we would love to hear from you! Please click HERE to contact us.
  • Does All Peoples Ministries offer ordination or licensure?
    Yes, All Peoples Ministries does accept applicants for ministerial recognition; which includes ordination or licensure. If you desire to seek ministerial recognition with All Peoples Ministries, please contact us by clicking HERE.
  • What kinds of ministry does All Peoples Ministries offer?
    All Peoples Ministries hosts events in our local area, as well as online webcasts. We invite everyone to receive fresh teaching through our books and resources, prayer for healing, be refreshed in worship, and find community.
  • What do you believe?
    Click HERE to read our Statement of Faith.
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