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Can believers accomplish the 'GREATER WORKS' that Jesus promised? 

Pastor Jeff answers with a resounding YES!

In The Authority of the People of God, Pastor Jeff Crawford presents the case for how every believer can walk in the greater works Jesus promised. By taking an in-depth look at the topic of authority, Pastor Jeff shows believers of Jesus Christ how to increase their authority in the Kingdom of God. The ultimate purpose of our authority in Jesus Christ is not to work wonders for wonder's sake, but to bring glory and honor to God, to be a powerful witness for the Gospel in all the world, and to assist Jesus in His mission to bring everything back into submission to God’s authority, so every enemy may be defeated, and the entire creation may be presented back to God, that He may be all in all (1 Corinthians 15:28). You are a part of that mission! Learn how to walk in the authority that Jesus has for you as a king and priest to Almighty God!

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  • Free Intro Chapter

  • Over 10 hours of Pastor Jeff's teaching on physical healing, the biblical theology of race, 5-fold ministry.

  • A personally signed copy of this book with a note from Pastor Jeff!

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